Reading Challenge: 22 Romance Novels to Read in 2022

One of the few reading challenges I set myself for this year was to read even more romance, by exploring certain tropes or discovering new authors. I took the typical “X books to read in 20XX” type of challenge and just modified it slightly to fit my needs and I’m actually really excited about doing this, though I hadn’t had the chance to share it until now.

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February TBR: my possible reading list for next month!

Post header that says "February TBR" and shows a few graphics and a picture of a book stack.

I am starting off this month with something that I haven’t done in a long time – a TBR list! Though I’m trying to keep in mind it’s more of a possible-tbr than a definite one to minimize the stress! These are the books that I will be actively trying to read but there are a few others from my anticipated releases list that I might read as well (or instead) depending on my mood, like the two middle-grade fantasy books that were released yesterday, but we shall see how it goes…

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Series to Finish Readathon [21.01-23.01] – my tbr

There is one reading challenge I’ve been doing for about 4 years now, the Series to Finish challenge. I’ve mentioned this challenge several times in the past on this blog, but since it’s been a while, let me reintroduce you!


The goal for this challenge is to finish book series. You can finish as many series as you want, whether you’ve started them last year or this year. There are buddy reads, discussions, and readathons to do every month and it’s just a very fun challenge. This challenge will run from January 1st to December 31st and you can join at any time. This readathon is hosted by Anna @ sstarryann and Tiffany @ Tiff_booknerd.

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August Reading List

This is one of those *hopefuls* lists and not a strict tbr, as I just don’t do those anymore.

I’ll probably be adding a buddy read or two that still haven’t been decided and participate in a readathon or two as well. I’ll also be spending about a week on holiday at my dad’s house (I’ll be reading by the pool yesss), and I can almost guarantee I’ll read the two physical books in this tbr.

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Anticipated Releases of 2021: June to September

Hello, hello! Welcome to the second part of my list of anticipated releases for 2021! This time I’ve narrowed it down to only 8 books because I’m frankly not that excited about that many Summer books. Most of my anticipated releases of this year have already been published, and from my first list of anticipated releases of 2021, I have only read 4 out of 13 (though I’ve bought 4 others that are just waiting for me to read it).

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My Current Netgalley TBR:

My Netgalley TBR is getting scarily large and most definitely out of hand. I keep getting approved for more and more books than I’m expecting so I haven’t been able to keep my feedback rate higher than 76% this year. It seems that as soon as I read a book I get approved for another. Oh well. I’m still hoping for yet another one I requested last night…

I have 4 arcs in my reading app right now (I use Overdrive because the new Netgalley app sucks let’s be honest) and besides those I have yet another 6 to be downloaded still. I’m particularly excited about the 2021 releases to be honest. Some of these have already been published but for whatever reason it’s being reprinted/published by some other publishing house and Netgalley UK had it available to request.

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September TBR & A Few Bookish Goals:

This September tbr list has been through so much. I’ve had this ready (mentally if not for publication) for a few days but then I go and read 30% of The Poppy War in one night? (Mostly after midnight so it’s my first September book ok.)

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Reading Rush 2020 TBR:

In a few days starts the Reading Rush readathon and I am again participating after doing the Stay Home Reading Rush readathon in April (and failed). Actually, this is just for fun, so no failing or winning for anyone!

The prompts are super fun this time but I will be doubling down and choosing short books because I could not read 7 novels in 7 days at the moment! (I’ve barely read anything this week.) I hope I can finish them all this month and not particularly in this week… because I am putting no pressure on myself.

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My Summer TBR [2020]:

This TBR is all about sequels I’m hoping to finally get to this summer and read some awesome recent releases that I haven’t gotten around to yet. I am making a big list but this isn’t a definitive list and I’m not going to be mad at myself if I stray from it. Just doing it for fun and I can’t forget that (** plus, I will be editing it as I finish the books).

*Also, I’ve mentioned most of these books before and I’m hoping to start reading some as of next week until mid September

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June Reading Plans!

June at last! You know, June is my absolute favorite month of the year because it’s my birthday month! On the 16th, yours truly will be turning 23! (Times just flies by after high school). But it’s not only my birthday, it’s the end of the school year and the beginning of summer and all the wonderful things we associate with it.

To be honest, I have way too many tasks that I MUST accomplish this month, so setting up a TBR was something I did not want to do. On the other hand, I feel that yet another to-do list might make me more motivated to read. (Although today is only the 3rd of June, I’ve already made some really good progress on my university work. So, I have hope.)

Also, I can’t promise I’ll be active on the blog for the first two to three weeks of the month (bc deadlines), however, I can promise that I WILL TRY! I think you can at least expect some reviews of the books I read in May, since I really enjoy writing reviews.

I might bring these back
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